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i’ve always liked actresses who pulled off the classic look. anne hathaway looked gorgeous for the cover shoot for vogue. photographed by mario testino, dressed in amazing outfits and shot at awesome locations. *sigh* so preeettyyyyyy….she really does the audrey hepburn really well.¬† read the article here.


finally after hearing so much about it, D & I went on a movie date to catch Alice in Wonderland 3D.

can’t say the story line was all that great, got a little confused at the beginning, couldn’t understand what the mad hatter was saying (maybe that’s what happens when you’re so used the subtitles in Malaysian cinemas hehehe) but i would love to visit Wonderland. it’s soooooooo beautiful. i’ve always loved fantasy lands. seeing some of the scenes gave me goosebumps coz it was so pretty and magical.

mia wasikowsa as alice kingsleigh

i also like the fact that whether alice shrunk or grew, her clothes changed along with her size unlike the hulk where who wore the same pants whether he was ginourmous or not, oh and very fashionably too i might add; alice that is. oh but did you realise how pale she actually is?

johnny depp as the mad hatter

there was one particular phrase that i thought was pretty good. it was when they asked “am i bonkers?” the answer would always be “you are mad, bonkers, off your head! but i’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are” which i reckon is pretty true. don’t you realise it is the craziest people that come out with the most amazing ideas?

anne hathaway as the white queen

helena bonham carter as the red queen

now the queens (Mirana & Iracebeth) – the white queen’s role was smaller than i expected. actually i don’t really remember if there was a white queen in the original cartoon. hmm?? did you notice how her hands were up in the air all the time? even when she was standing still?? hahaha i thought it was pretty funny. her character was pretty funny hehe and her dark lips scary. remember to pay attention to the potion she makes for alice!

the red queen likes her furniture to be held up by animals. i was actually wondering what was fluttering above the chandelier then i realised it was some animal with wings, bats…birds or something. pigs and monkeys played legs to chairs and tables…. cute.

the cheshire cat – i like him alot, he dissapears and reappears randomly. you can never tell who’s side he’s on.

the forever kan cheong white rabbit

the dormouse

absolem the caterpillar who keeps asking “who are you?” and calling alice “you stupid girl” in the most gentle tone

the march hare – this one is confirmed bonkers, extremely paranoid, figgety and nervous

the dodo with  tweedledum & tweedledee

the bandersnatch

this is definitely a movie you must watch in 3D or you’ll completely lose that magical feeling and you might feel you have wasted you money watching this in the cinema.