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junior masterchef is showing channel 10 right now and man… can those kids cook. while we were waiting for our pies and creamy potato bake in the oven, our mouths were water just watching the dishes they were making. booo… my dinner didn’t look as great as theirs -_- look at that, it was the first attempt for some of them too. i don’t even know where to start if i was given duck. FAIL

later that night, i caught part of the movie julie & julia yesterday and learnt some new stuff about cooking. the movie was just a tad slow but i loved the quirky Julia Child. the one thing that got me and D going “ohhhhhhhh” was that we are meant to dry out meat before cooking or it won’t brown right. you learn something new everyday!

after watching these programs, i too wanna cook >.< i am going to attempt baking for the very first time. and since D likes butter cakes… that’s what i’m gonna start with and also… that one doesn’t look toooooo difficult. *fingers crossed* if it doesn’t turn out, you won’t get a picture. hahahaha


well sort off… i’m learning new dishes from the internet. it’s pretty much what we want to eat but lazy to go restaurant so figure out how to make it at home 😀 today is the first try i attempted to steam a whole fish. it wasn’t hard except for the fact i was trying to put a fish almost the same size as the pot INTO the pot. i had the most ridiculously difficult time trying to take out the cooked fish but…. tadah!! steam snapper with soy sauce & spring onions!

the meat was actually still fluffy. not bad for my first try….. next fish – teochew steam fish (the one with salted vege and stuff) just have to figure the ingredients.