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alex and JD have been telling us about this awesome chicken place call clems at newtown. it’s not the kinda place you order and have a sit in dinner, it probably more comfortable to tapau (takeaway) and eat in the comfort of your own home. last weekend, we finally have a chance to try it and ooooooo it was yummy. it wasn’t of course only the fact that we were starving since it was almost 10pm but i swear the fried chicken was as good as kfc!!

we had left the order to alex & justin and talk about overkill, plenty of fried chicken, roast chicken, mushrooms and potatoes, egg salad, potato salad and seafood salad. they also gave us a cold sandwich and some extra buns. we had so much leftover that we had it for lunch and still have extras for dinner. oh but it was sooo good so… we are having it again tonight for dinner!! can’t wait….^_^

clems chicken shop
crn king & brown streets
newtown nsw 2042
02 9519 6000

oh… and i’ve been lucky enough to have it brought over to our place so i’ve never been there. don’t ask me for directions k…. 😀


i had 2 cakes this time. they had bought me the most delicious rich tempered soft white chocolate cake from guylian and oooooo it just melts in your mouth. it was so soft the candles wouldn’t stand straight on it. poor clara had to hold the candles until the boys finally came to the table. it did stay up long enough for the to sing me a song 🙂

it was a pretty easy going day. slept in as we normally do on weekends, ate lunch and we headed to test drive a car D wanted. yes.. it’s almost as if he was buying me a car for my birthday. hehehe

we went to home thai for dinner and the food was absolutely yummy. the pork dish we ordered was…. omg so good, it was so good we ordered TWO! oh and i think we ordered almost every dessert on the menu. the cool part about the place? they use ipads when they place your orders and have LV pouches to hold them in. we were like o_O !! we also had this bunch of people sitting next to our table that kept eyeing our food. in fact they actually tapped clara on the shoulder to ask her what the dishes we ordered were. we didn’t really mind it but it was kinda uncomfortable that they kept staring at our table and POINTING.  tsk.tsk. so we thought get them to take a group picture for us since we’ve been so nice. we ended up having to do the same for them -_-

it was after cake cutting where the craziness began. we finally had a chance to play our lego pictionary since we were in a group. it was me, D & clara in a team and alex, jd & justin in another. we did cheat a lil considering we were making stupid sounds to explain what we were trying to build. we laughed until our jaws hurt, realised that alex and jd are on the same wave length and justin created a way for us to identify how to build animals 😀 i can’t believe we were up pretty much all night and had mackers breakkie before heading to bed at 6am. i definitely haven’t done this in a while…..

thanks for all the birthday fun! please come back and help finish the cakessssss……





well sort off… i’m learning new dishes from the internet. it’s pretty much what we want to eat but lazy to go restaurant so figure out how to make it at home 😀 today is the first try i attempted to steam a whole fish. it wasn’t hard except for the fact i was trying to put a fish almost the same size as the pot INTO the pot. i had the most ridiculously difficult time trying to take out the cooked fish but…. tadah!! steam snapper with soy sauce & spring onions!

the meat was actually still fluffy. not bad for my first try….. next fish – teochew steam fish (the one with salted vege and stuff) just have to figure the ingredients.

tonight i tried a new dish i learnt from nigella (the british cook) on TV. i love watching her cook, she makes everything look so easy and it actually is! if you have the ingredients of course…

this is my attempt at chorizo & scallops. it’s sooooo easy. fry the chorizo, remove from pan and chuck in the scallops and fry with chorizo’s oil. soooo simple and tasty!!

the pasta salad is from coles and garlic bread is ready made – just had to chuck it into the oven. as usual, cook too much food which means we have lunch tomorrow 🙂 awesome!

it was our 2nd year anniversary two days ago since we signed our lives to each other…. and guess what? it’s the 2nd time we sort of forgot >.< hahaha i had this nagging thought in my head for the past week thinking i was meant to remember something then it hit me today.. OMG our anniversary was on monday! *bleed* what’s the worst part?? my dinner sucked big time on monday o_O

this was what happened last year. click here

our conversation when i emailed him earlier today…

“happy belated anniversary! hahaha i just realised it 2 days past our anniversary!”
“YAHH!! somemore i remembered last Friday but forgot on Sunday Night. So what are we going to do this year?”
“at least you remembered earlier….i kept thinking there was something this month but couldn’t figure out what. haha somemore bak kut teh dinner fail on Monday! haha bad shapes….need to do anything wan meh?? R u finally going to take me out for a candlelit dinner? hahah i think rather spend the money on shopping :p we buy new coffee table to celebrate! haha”
“hahahah new coffee table”

when he came home he told me he didn’t want to set a reminder on his calendar in case i saw it. he wanted to wish me first…..and then he forgot ^_^ at least he tried. we’ll soon find out if we get a new coffee table this weekend……

Happy Belated Anniversary sayang… may we have many many more to forget in the future 😀


i’ve never really been one for experimenting new food. i’m a the type that sticks to what i know. if i was testing a new dish during dinner, i would normally make sure that there is 1 dish that we would both enjoy for sure. today for some reason, our whole meal was experimental. *shocked*

i always thought that pasta bakes would be faster and easier than making normal pasta, dunno why…. but i was wrong. it felt like i had cooked everything and still had to wait for it to be baked -_- well definitely worth the wait with extra fried bacon toppings…. yum!

people who know me know i don’t fancy vege. eat it only coz i have to. D pretty much eats most vege and asparagus is one thing he like *blekkkk* we happen to have a bunch in the fridge and i figure if i never cook it’ll just rot. so i googled and picked a recipe that was simple and thought that i would eat it..

yeah.. took a bite and left the rest of the plate to him >.< who would have thought finally something deep fried i didn’t like.. hehe again my terrible estimation means we have plenty for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

for some reason, dinner tonight damn tak jadi. since we ran out of rice, we bought a small pack of long grain rice which turned out to be extremely extremely dry. it was sooooo difficult to eat. so rice fail.

i thought all chinese dry mushroom were pretty much the same. so i bought a different brand… which was thinner, abit more funny shaped and didn’t taste as sweet, in fact tasted kinda odd which threw my chinese mushroom with brocolli flavour off. so vege fail.

finally, i never know how to buy fish and what can be cooked how… if that makes sense. bought king fish (i think), fried it and it turned to mush. i had to chuck it away. this one ULTIMATE fail.

thank goodness there was 1 dish – spicy tomato chicken which jadi-ed. if sauce in an instant packet and cooked with meat also fail… there is no hope for my cooking.   😦