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as mentioned ages ago, giz has a lil bit of separation anxiety so he tries to be as close to us as whenever possible. as i was falling asleep the other night, giz couldn’t help but rest on my pillow too (so may other pillows, it had to be the one i was on) -_- he loves to snuggle in between the pillow& sofa and looks extremely cute with his fluffy face. 😀


in your face

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Everyday Life
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just like every other dog, G loves the wind in his face so when i opened the balcony door …. he went straight there.

please ignore the terrible pictures…unfortunately this is the quality of my phone cam. and if i got up to grab my camera…G will just come running -_-


Posted: August 21, 2010 in My Randoms
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i’ve always thought flowers were beautiful…but don’t expect me to plant any myself nor do i actually really fancy receiving bouquets of flowers (i rather them gifts i can keep) hahaha this morning D & J had to go vote, so i thought i’d take G for a walk in the park next to the voting place and came across these flowers. so preeettyyy…

G enjoying the wind in his face

aren’t they just beautiful??

I hardly use any lipsticks or even bother with gloss. So even though I bought my glosses a while back it’s pretty much new. Well not anymore! Gizmo got to it! You can clearly see which one was the tastiest.

today was a lonely day at work… boss worked from home and Steph was on her birthday surprise getaway (which i just found out on FB she’s heading to Melb). since i needed to pick up something from home, i decided to bring Giz along to keep me company.

silly boy couldn’t sit still… he wanted to cramp on my chair with me, climb on my lap and at the end of the day finally stuffed his head into his bed and slept.

well better to have company then to be allllll byyyyy mmmyyyysellffff………


he makes for a good model whenever i don’t have the camera…… and when i reach out for the camera not so the model anymore.

enjoy the cuteness!!! 😀

look familiar??

Posted: July 19, 2010 in My Randoms
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look what’s the same…..