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i swear G is the piggy-est dog i know. he wakes me up in the morning just to get me out of bed just so i would feed him then he’ll go back to sleep. and coz he likes to be close and isn’t allowed on the bed, he would sigh, make small whines by the side of the bed till i’m up, get me out of bed only for him to sleep next to me on the sofa. silly boy…. after realising how many pics i take of him sleeping, look at that!@#$! and that’s just a handful of pics from my phone. the boy sleeps so kang kang (legs wide open)…..haihzzzz… no shame…. no shame.. *shakes head*





just G

Posted: September 15, 2010 in My Randoms
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i just had to share…. tooooooo cute!!!! the lazy boy just stayed there when i put my camera in his face… awwwwww 🙂