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so after my last post, i couldn’t wait to bake my first cake (on my own) and bought all the ingredients i needed to make the simplest butter cake recipe  i could find. it wasn’t so hard but i did make a mess >.< i also misread the recipe and mixed it wrongly but manage to still mix it all together in the end. hehehe

just imagine turning on the mixer when the flour is all loose… *poof* hahaha i had to mix it in the sink coz it was getting everywhere!! eventually everything was nice and fluffy and i poured it into the baking can and put it in the oven. all done,  so proud.. 😀 the receipe said an hour… but checking after 50 mins it was almost burnt so i took it out and let it cool.

i have to say for my first try not bad lah… people say that baking isn’t so hard and i guess they are right. the cake did turn out ok, it was moist inside but D said not sweet enough. well, it’s still edible and if you’re not too much of a sweet tooth then it’s a-ok.

i took the recipe off taste. click if you wanna have a look at the recipe…. hmmmm what shall i attempt to bake next??



over the weekend D & I went shopping for new toys for G the Destroyer since he had pretty much destroyed all his toys. we also stopped by victoria’s basement because who doesn’t love shopping for their home. 🙂 we were looking for just a couple of items and of course came home with much much more. the most exciting thing i got was kylie kwong’s – simple chinese cooking.

being the main chef in the house, it’s up to me to make our meals a little more interesting and when i spotted this big with BIG pictures, i couldn’t resist. it ever thought me how to cut a whole chicken right….. i still can’t get it right though. o_O i normally rely on the internet but it gets boring after a while.

now to try new recipes…. too bad D was in Melbourne right after the weekend -_- today i finally tried my first recipe from the book.

this was the recipe….and this is my dish

not bad right? it’s amazing what a little sprinkling of spring onions would do to make the dish look so much nicer. and it actually tastes good too…. kylie kwong’s book – awesomeness!