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i’m always glad it’s the weekend. then again who isn’t >.< the sun was out to play today. this is another summer dress from the company with a crochet back. i'm actually starting to like this crochet thing. 🙂

dress from supré; clogs from rubi, locket from tiffany’s & chain from sportsgirl

spinning hope necklace from sportsgirl

this necklace is actually pretty cool. from one side, you can’t tell what it says until you spin it right. the butterfly foundation is the foundation sportsgirl supports for australians with eating disorders. do you small bit by buying something 🙂

now here’s a random fact about me… i like seeing the brightness of having the sun out but i prefer gloomy days. i prefer the smell of damn air, a slight chill (but not COLD) and not having to squint without sunnies on. don’t get me wrong, i love being out in the sun but sadly my skin does not allow me too. 😦 i’m kinda allergic to the sun so when i’m in the sun for too long (and when i say too long, i really mean half an hour or so) i break out in rashes.

it’s quite odd coz i was a beach/water baby and my family use to head to the beaches ever so often. i learnt how to snorkel and then dive by the time i was fifteen, grew up so tan compared to the rest of my family and then suddenly…… i can’t stay out in the sun too long. i have to remember to pop an antihistamine pill everytime i plan outdoor activities and still worry that i’ll break out in rashes. sucks big time -_-

i’m gonna die for summer…. bring out the antihistamines!!


summer dress

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Fashion & Shopping
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dress from supré; shoes from siren

this is the babydoll dress as some might call it… or also known as the pregnant lady dress. hahaha no i’m not preggers nor planning anytime soon. so anyways, since spring/summer is here, the company has come out with a number of pretty dresses and this being one of them. you can’t really see my face in the shots coz i was tired and didn’t have much make up on… >.< plus it was the end of the day and i was going to head home soon so no point. i love these pair of shoes from siren, too bad they aren’t mine. darnit!! sponsors anyone? hahahah

p/s: my birthday’s coming.. *hint*hint* hahahah i kid i kid