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that figure supasses the Bible as the most printed item on the earth…. and for the 3rd weekend in a row, me & D were there..

o_O i am getting abit sick of the place but somehow i always still seem to find something that amuses me. they always have creative ways of organizing stuff … and today, we built a hidden little dressing table for me *grin*

and yes it may sounds like that are heaps of IKEA stuff at my place… I’m happy to say that you CANNOT find our rooms on any pages in the catalogue >.<



for god knows what reasons, in Sydney – everyone seems to be driving faster than me on the roads yet i am already at the speed limit (yes, ppl here follow the road rules because the fines are extremely high here which is why ppl follow the rules) *wahlaus…cheong heis gila. So maybe there is some kinda “Dummies Guide to Speed Cameras” that i don’t know about??


the not so right thank you cards

it only took me forever to write thank you cards to my relatives for sending angpaus and congratulation cards for my wedding. well actually, i was waiting to send them together with my wedding video :p

when the wedding video came so i finally got around to buying the thank you cards and when i decided to write my little personal note for each one, the inside of the card said “thank you for your expression of sympathy” o_O haihz.. i’m soooo crreeeever, never occured to me to check what was written inside the thank you card before buying it. lucky can return, if not WTH am i gonna do with those cards??


the next day it was sent back to me coz i used the wrong envelopes to send them…..

delayed again….haihzzzzzzz


these 2 people always pop up whether i’m reading fashion mags or blogs.. they have such a quirky sense of style and even though i would probably look like shit stepping out of the house like that, she looks absolutely gorgeous. he is sooo adorable with the bow tie and nerdy glasses… Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon – they both damn layan each other 😀

great minds think alike

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Everyday Life

during late night shopping yesterday D & i hunted for the FFXIII strategy guide book but they were sold out everywhere. So after work today, I decided to call up JB HiFi at Moore park to book a copy and surprise him after work.

Right after I parked the car and walked into the shopping mall, D calls:

D – “where r u?”
me – “erm SupaCenta”
D – “oh good… Can u pick up a copy of the guidebook? I just asked them to hold it coz there are only 2 copies”

-_- so much for the surprise. I had to ask them to release the other copy. well either way we have it… char tou

knife sharpeners are da bomb! i made bak kut teh for dinner yesterday and attempted to cut pork belly with a knife so blunt that it had trouble cutting veggie. then i remembered picking up a knife sharpener on my last trip to KL coz i was a cheapeskate and didn’t want to change my knives.

it’s my first time using the sharpener and now…i won’t be changing knives for a loooooong time… 😀

+ + + + +

last night we finally put FF XIII on…and WOW games nowadays are soooo real. the graphics are amazing, the story still abit confusing right now, mini chocoboo is adorable and like all FF games, there’s lots to learn. hadn’t realised how tired we were until the games started. i was watching D play and i was doozing off here and there – when i next opened my eyes, the screen was on menu and not moving…that’s when i realised D fell asleep too… hahaha we ended up turning off the game and taking a nap on the sofa….

it might take us a while to complete….but first, to buy the guide book!


woo hoo….after diggin into the sides of my foundation (coz i took too long to order them online), my new face paint finally arrives. i order them from the US coz it’s cheaper and when i buy bulk it’s free delivery. i know, i’m being a stinch…. still…

some kinda gorgeous, pocket benetint, confessions of a concealaholic & powderazzi

i love their packaging. it’s sooo pretty, makes opening them and using them much more fun. ooooo…pretty pretty!! oh and did i say i get samples too when i order them online? *happy*happy*


our home still needs a number of things, we have no storage shelves for our laundry, our foyer is kinda empty and we’re missing bits and pieces here and there… we thought we found our laundry shelves at freedom but when we saw them physically, they are TINY! you can hardly fit decent amount of stuff on it. so…instead we come home with a dinosaur

i swear, Gizmo is so spoilt when it comes to toys….

and I say good riddance to the old place! months of kan cheongness is over and we finally hold the keys to our very first home.

kan cheong feelings soon change to exhaustion. moving house is no easy task… making sure nothing was left behind, going through everything so we don’t bring over unnecessary stuff we don’t need and so doesn’t help when you make an appointment to get your gas disconnected, they tell you that the guy will be there to check your meter between 8am – 6:30pm %#%^!!! damn WTF lor. best part? he’s a no show after waiting the whole blardy day…bleed!

so after all that, we have officially had our first night; traditions/culture and all. rice and tea leaves sprinkled around the house to feed leftover spirits and send them away, boiled our first pot of water and had our first meal (without a dining table) >.<

lots more to do but when it's your own place… it's worth it 😀

today one of our designers runs excitedly into our department squealling about Lady Gaga’s new Telephone video being leaked and he had it! Familiar with her quirky ways, i knew it would definitely be entertaining to watch. so here… enjoys 😀

weird huh??

soooo exciting!!

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i’m moving house this weekend and i’m sooooo excited i have butterflies in my tummy. i’m never been so organized during a move. previously i use to just chuck stuff into boxes and take many trips moving stuff over to a new place. NOW all the boxes are numbered and labelled by rooms. we even have an excel sheet that list out stuff in the boxes!! D is so organized, it’s awesome.

the funniest part about packing everything early is that we forget what we need to use. after packing all the plates and bowls we think we won’t use, we realised on CNY that we didn’t have any bowls to eat with. Then of course what is CNY without mahjong? So we had to dig it out of the box to play.

anyways… we’re getting our new house keys tomorrow and Friday will be a full day of house cleaning…ooo i can’t wait till we start painting and putting everything together. kan cheongs kan cheongs!!!